Thursday, March 30, 2006

Esther & Henrietta

Hi Marston

You wouldn't remember me, but I knew your brother and have sent a few
emails his way.

The comment about the two girls sitting at the creek is exactly as
noted. It is the old fire station on the left. If the picture was
wider, my parent home would have been on the right (corner of
Springfield and Oak) since the creek separated us and the fire
station. There was a taxi stand behind the fire station and yes,
there was also a gas station. The rest of the block along Churchill
was empty through to Fairfield. Once the fire station, the taxi
stand and the gas station were taken down and the town enacted some
bylaws regarding frontage and space the land was left empty since my
parents owned tha back half of the block between Springfield and
Fairfield along Oak. Finally after selling pieces of land the
apartment blocks were build starting from Fairfield. The last block
was built at the corner of Churchill and Springfield when we sold the
last portion and moved our home from Springfield up onto Gregory.

Great site you have going and always interested to see what is next
upon arrival home from work.

Wayne Goldthorp

W. Goldthorp
Assistant Director General
New Frontiers School Board

Thanks Wayne G.

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