Friday, March 10, 2006

Get Involved

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February 2006
Org. Post 2.26.06

Some of you might be aware of my phoning around Greenfield Park and St. Lambert to a number of Royal George School buddies. My request was quite simple and that was to post what they are all up to today. ‘Where is Kenny Cobb’ was the first to be posted. The following is one of the answers I received and I was given the ok to post it…

“I am still working and get up before the crack of dawn, one of the first things I do is check the blog from work. It is my fix for the day. I would like to send in something but by the end of the day I’m exhausted, just enough energy to get home and have dinner.”

I can completely understand this. I am still a 9 to 5 person as well. My request remains the same, if you are enjoying the posting of others; I assure you that your posting will be enjoyed by others. So if you are my age, 58 or 5 years either side of it, you need to get involved by posting for others… Contact me: or go to Selton Steel, LLC web page and follow the link.

Thanks to all our contributors for making our site active…. We will see you all at the Reunion this summer; don’t forget the Greenfield Park golf tournament in May and again in September. Also and most importantly, Greenfield Parks 100 year birthday celebration is just around the corner. Contact John McC for details how you can get involved… Elton

We will continue with this request for a little while longer, this week we will be posting lots of new stuff. Thanks for digging out this important stuff for all of us to enjoy.... The North Brothers.

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