Tuesday, March 28, 2006

GPK Stores & Businesses. Let's see who can name them.


These are locations that were businesses back years ago. Let's see if anyone can name the old businesses.

Thanks John R.

John McC. guesses are:

436- Jacoby's Store

421- Smith's store by Royal George

470- Cater's - Beck's - Chalmer's Store

Well not bad one out of three. These where very difficult ones. John R tells me you would have to be 80 years old to get the second one. According to John R. here they are.

470 Cater’s Store on Empire Ave. south of Third St. It later became Beck’s, then
Chalmers’. It was a popular stop off point for students of Royal George or St.
Edmund’s School who had a dime to buy a soft drink, a bag of chips or some
candy. Mrs. Chalmers always greeted everyone with a smile. The building was
originally coated with red brick.

421 Enoch Green’s on St. Charles Road. I believe you’ve already put this photo on the blog site.

436 Location of Hollingdrake’s Market when it was on Springfield. This was before the store was moved to Edward Blvd. (Churchill)

Thanks John R.

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