Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Greenfield Park Historical Society needs your help (Last Posting)


The Borough of Greenfield Park has asked the Greenfield Park Historical Society to help in an important upcoming project. The Borough would like to name ten parks and green spaces located within the town after deceased former citizens who made notable contributions to the community since its inception in 1911.

The town wants to set up in each park or green space a plaque which would include the person’s name.

We are asking readers of your blog to suggest the names of citizens to make sure that no worthy Parker is passed over for consideration.

The list of spaces to be named or re-named are:

  1. Pierre Laporte Park (Empire Ave.)

  2. Regent Park (corner of Regent and Miller)

  3. Jubilee Park (Barden St.)

  4. Kipps Park (Kipps St.)

  5. Watson Park (Watson St.)

  6. St. Jude Park (Millington St. and Parker Ave.)

  7. Park Iellamo

  8. Green space (corner of Regent and Springfield)

  9. Green space (corner of Regent and Victoria)

  10. Green Space (corner of James E. Davis and Springfield)

Park Rene Veillet is not included in this project.

We of the Historical Society are of the opinion that people whose family names have already been commemorated by having a street or building named after them should not be included until the list of all other worthy persons has been depleted.

We also felt that we should avoid choosing a member of the clergy. Even though we have had many valued religious leaders, we felt it would be hard to name a member of one religious denomination without naming one from each group.

We would like everyone who is interested to name up to four people for consideration.
It would be great if suggestions include men and woman, and francophones as well as anglophones. Remember that all persons must have passed on.

Those interested are asked to put their nominees in order 1 to 4. 1 being the person which should be considered before the others. You should also give reasons why this person should be considered.

Please send your list of 4 nominees to John Riley at

Thanks John R.
I hope our blog visitors participate

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