Monday, March 27, 2006

Guess Who ?

Thanks for another great picture, sent in by Sandy R.

Ralph B. sent in the following:
Back row: Dorothy Sanderson, Roger Goldthorp, Shirley Tite
Front: Jim Hinks??

Wayne Goldthorp sent in the following:
Hi Elton
I had been out of town and upon arriving home, yes, it was off to look at the Blog Site.
On the latest "Guess Who", I certainly know the man in the middle in the back. It is my father, Roger Goldthorp. On the left, it is Dorothy Sanderson. Unfortunately, I dont know the other two.
I also noticed the pic of my former home. Wow...even for me, it has changed. As a tid-bit: A few weeks ago the home of Barry Hollingdrake was posted. While the outside of his former home and mine were quite different, the insides were the same. The two homes were built from the same plans with different exterior finishes.
Have a good weekend.

Thanks Ralph and Wayne good guess. TEN

Hi Marston:

Just wanted to let you know that Dorothy Sanderson ( guess who photo) is still bowling with the Greenfield Park Legion league. She is in her 80's, has a little difficulty walking, however she throws a very good ball. Her average is about 130.
She is just a delightful person to know.

Noreen Toner

Hi Marty, I agree with Ralph B re the fellow kneeling in the bowling photo being Jim Hinks Sr. They lived on Emborne if I recall correctly and as a sidebar, according to the records of the first RGHS Track and Field meet in John Riley's book, Jim Hinks Jr won both the 10-12 yr old softball throw with a toss of 131 ft(39.9 metres) and the 100yd(91.4 metres) dash in a time of 9.1 sec.
PS: Hello and welcome George Vine

Sandy adds the following information:

Jim Hinks lived on Campbell , next door to the Olsens. His Mom & Brian's Dad were cousins.

Jim Jr. now lives in Nova Scotia . We last saw him at his Mom's funeral about 5 years ago. His daughters both live in Ontario .

Sandy R

Thanks Sandy, ten

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