Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gus R.'s Sulphur Mountain Pic 1966

Hi Marston - I have been working away from home and only get a chance to enjoy the work that you & E are doing when home on weekends. To confirm, yes that is a picture of Buddy Wright and I atop the Sulphur Mountain Gondola Lift in 1966. I was working as a waiter in Banff and Buddy took a break from the Park where we had driven taxi together & visited on his way through. In keeping with your love of animal pics, enclosing one my daughter Keitha took while on honeymoon in South Africa last November. When I get some spare time I will tumble through my old albums and send more stuff. In the meantime, thanks for what you are doing and keep up the good work.

PS I really enjoyed seeing that photo of the Cobb house on Devonshire - I remember playing ping pong on that front porch with Ken & Charlie Comber, Harry Cobb and Johnny Normandeau.

Thanks Gus.

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