Thursday, March 02, 2006

Here are a few pics around the Park last weekend

Here are some random pictures I took while in the Park on the weekend. I would have taken more pictures that were subject specific however your roving reporter, John R, is doing such a great job I felt I might be intruding.

The first was taken at Campbell and Sexton, the second is our house in the Barracks and the third is what I did while my wife and sister shopped for Haute Couture at Value Village and Sally Annes.....

That corner was an ideal place to sit and critique Quebec driver protocol. I really cannot figure out how they survive a simple trip to the mall. They are selfcentered, courteous, inconsiderate, polite, speedy, slow, impatient, relaxed, etc. You just don't know what to expect... but one thing you learn quickly is don't signal... and I mean DON'T SIGNAL..... its a sign of weakness... they will do anything they can to get you to hit them.

No fault insurance huh..... have a look at their cars.. most would be removed from the road outside Quebec.....

And they cannot make a decision... I watched a guy drop his wife and kids off at Value Village... he turned on the dual flashers and parked illegally at the front door... when they didn't come out in a reasonable time he... moved to a parking space... but couldn't see the door sooooo he backs out without looking (no fault insurance) pulls around to another spot... can't see... backs up into yet another spot.... not happy..... goes to front door, turns on dual flashers and waits.... still no one comes... pulls out in front of oncoming car (no fault)... crosses main entrance, stops backs up into main entrance way, goes foreward, backs into parking space at end of aisle in front of doors... waits ... FINALLY.

Roz and Pat come out... he is still waiting... I am now hysterical......

Hi Bob H, it's great to see pics of the old home town today

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