Friday, March 24, 2006

Home pics from around the Park (Revised with some additional comments from JMcC.)

First: Barton’s house on Murray. Mr. Barton was a Greenfield Park School Commissioner
for many years. Bernice Barton wife of the late Malcolm Millar lives in the state
of Washington in the summer. The new house on the far side of the Barton’s has
been built on the location of the Sheppard’s house.

Second: These two houses both belonged to the Steels family. The one to the right was the
house of Mr. Steels who was a long time Scoutmaster in the Park. The house on
the left belongs to his son, a great mechanic who has repaired hundreds of
lawnmowers in the town.

Third: My grandfather John James Hineson’s house on Isabel Ave. at the corner of Empire.
He built the house with the help of a friend or two in 1915 after purchasing the lot
from Arthur Patenaude who owned all the land from St. Charles to Templeton on
both sides of Empire Ave.

Empire was originally named Patenaude Blvd.

My grandfather moved his wife Elizabeth and two young children, Ann and my mother Edith, to the Park from Maisonneuve. He was a machinist who worked atthe Grand Trunk shops as a wheelwright, traveling to work each day on the Southern Counties. When they first lived there my grandmother raised chickens
in some sheds behind the house. Later she raised Pomeranians for sale.

John Hineson was a school commissioner around 1919 a argued against the
break-up of the town when Mr. Mackay tried to take his lands out of the
municipality. He was also a warden of St. Paul’s Church in its early years, and it was in that church that he suffered a heart attack and later died in 1956.

My grandfather was an avid gardener who planted large gardens all over his two lot property. He was a member of the Black Watch band and is fondly remembered by people in the 1920s and 1930s who regularly say him walk to the streetcar wearing his kilt and carrying his euphonium.

In the 1930s he was proud to watch my mother play softball for the Greenfield Park Cardinals in the Montreal Major Ladies Softball League. In the corner of his lot behind the house next to Empire now stands a huge maple tree. I have photos of my grandfather, and my mother standing beside the three inch thick tree about 1930, and other photos of myself and my son Jeff standing beside the three foot thick tree about the year 2001.
My aunt Ann Hineson DeSerres was junior choir director at St. Paul’s church for over 25 years, and was musical director of many of the plays that kept the
community entertained and tightly knit during the War years.

Thanks John R.

These are truly great memories of GPK and I hope others feel the same way...

Marty N.

Marty, to add a little to John Riley's description of the Barton house photo: (1) to my knowledge the Barton's had the only Russet Apple tree (a really crunchy gold and green apple after the first frost) in The Park

(2) RGHS teacher Lynton "Tony" Caines, was a boarder in the Barton's house for a few years which caused any student who lived west of Springfield to look over their shoulder if they were considering having a smoke on the way home from school

(3) The house two down from the Barton's was the home of the Young's (David and Peter) which was built by Mr. Young right next to where the middle of the three town creeks crossed Murray and almost directly behind your house (North's) if I'm not mistaken. That was the creek that crossed Springfield in front of Hollingdrakes store, meandered westward to cross Empire, through the Perras property, behind Gus Richardson's house, crossed Murray and Devonshire and "The Course"( The Country Club of Montreal) to join up with Charles Creek on Marcotte's farm and thence on down to the St Lawrence.

(4) To the immediate right of the Barton house was the home Bobby Clarke (Sheets). In John's third photo the house to the right of John's Grandfather's house is the new home of Jack Hines, one of the platinum sponsors of John's book.

Thanks John McC.

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