Sunday, March 12, 2006

Home pics from around the Park

The top or first house is the Knight's home on Isabel Avenue. This was the home of Carole, Merle, Bill and Ross Knight. Carole Komisaruk now lives in Toronto, Merle in Ottawa, and Bill & Ross in Nanaimo B.C. The house on the left side of the photo wasn't there when Bill and I were growing up. The empty lot there was where he and I played tackle football with his brother Ross and my brother Mike. We also played miniature golf there as well as hockey in the winter. "The field" with its quarry was just to the right of the Knight's house.

Second: MacNevin's house on St. Charles Road. Dave said he lived opposite the Menary house so I presume it's this one. Allan, Sandra, the late Donnie and Dave lived in the house. Mr. Macnevin was a fixture at the Rams and Mustang football games in the mid 1960's, often filming the action.

Third: I believe Frank Kovemaker May have lived in one of these two houses on Grove Street. The other may have been the home of the Went family. Someone should be able to clear up which house belonged to whom.

Thanks John R.

Great to see so many homes well kept..

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