Saturday, March 18, 2006

Home pics from around the Park

Top: Gus Richardson's house is the one on the left. The McLeans owned the house before the Richardsons. The one on the right was the Comber's. Both are on the East side of Murray Ave. Some of the first Pentecostal services were held in the Comber Home. There was another Comber home across the street. One of the town's creeks passed behind the Richardson and Comber properties then passed under Murray Ave. on the South side of the Comber property (to the far right).

Second: The Tomalty house on Third Street. Clarence Tomalty, his wife and two daughters Margot and Penny lived in this home. Clarence and his brother were important members of the Greenfield Park Lions Club that built the towns first wading pool about 1959. People will remember that the Lion's Club headquarters was in the old Met Theater on Churchill. Clarence also volunteered his time to coach girls' basketball in the Park around 1960.

Thanks John R.

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