Monday, March 20, 2006

Home pics from around the Park

First: James Howard's house on Victoria. The Howard's were one of the earliest families inthe town with money. He listed his occupation as as a traveller which would now be called a traveling salesman. In 1913 the family was mentioned several times in the South Shore Press. In August it was mentioned that they were going on a vacation in the Thousand Islands (so much for burglar proofing your home). In November a chauffeur driven car had to swerve in front of their house to avoid a galloping horse and wagon whose driver had fallen asleep at the reins. In Sept. the Howards hosted a party for guests who arrived at their house from Montreal ( by Automobile ). The first constitutional Club meeting was also held at the Howard home.

Second: McKenna's on Springfield. This house or the one to the right were originally built by Mr. Chappell with Mr. Beechapp Hall in the 1920's. Beechapp Hall later became the Town Hall. Many will remember the McKenna twins- Danny and Johnny. They had an older brother named Gerry and a sister who now lives in the building that housed the Smith's Store on Springfield.

The home to the right belonged to the Smitheman family. I believe Mrs. Thompson that we mis indentified last week in the bowling league pic was a Smitheman

Thanks John R.

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