Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Homes on Grove in the Park

I believe the Korvemakers lived in our house after us. We moved to 584 Dorothy in around 1958, then to 570 White Crescent in Capital Homes in 1964 and stayed there until 1970 when my parents sold to move to Ontario. The house on the right likely is the Hills who were are next door neighbours on Grove.
If anybody remembers our Dad, Arthur, he turned 86 yesterday and is doing fantastic in Roslin, Ontario.
I would love to see pictures of our places on Dorothy and White Crescent to show our kids here in Heckston, Ontario.
Keep up the good work on the website!
Barb Carver ( nee Went)

Thanks Barb

Congratulations to your Dad and we'll see if John R. can take the pics for you.

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