Monday, March 20, 2006

Homes On Murray and Other Infomation fom JMcC.

Marty, a few items,
(1) at the risk of offending John Riley he omitted Terry Tomalty's (brother of Penny and Margo) name when describing their house

(2) to redeem myself John correctly identified Gus' house #308 Murray-- Bev Teague's father'shouse#362 Murray was much closer to both Third and my house #383 Murray I knew Ritchie Ernie and Ethel when I was a youngster.

(3) Alfie Davis is the other Parker in Ed Boucher's picture. I also noticed legendary Point football coach Pat Duffy and Tom Whitehouse who I asume was coaching with Pat.
Pat was still coaching Leo's Boys when I was coaching the South Shore Colts and Tommy moved to the south shore (Brossard I think) and he also later was an assistant coach with the Colts.

(4)I have included my certificate from the Montreal Sportsmen 's Association to go along with Ed's which I was awarded as a member of the Rosemount Bombers when we won the National Junior Football Championship in 1960 along with a photo of the team at the annual Sportsmen's Show where we were presented with our Championship jackets.
Ed is right about the banquets and dinners which were organized to honour any national champion in those days.

PS Bert Kirkham(crouching extreme left) from Mackayville was a member of the team as was Ron Platt from The Park and Bob Phillips from Longueuil although the latter two are not in the picture. JMcC

Thanks for the info. JMcC.

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