Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Let's Welcome Richard Parker to our blog


Richard Parker here, was a parker all my life haha .We lived on Evelyn Street . Just Up the road from the Bennett’s and The Pratt's . Have been away from GPK for about 40 yrs and was given this Blog to check out. Now living in Northern Ontario, Cochrane Ont. right at the end of Young St, longest there is 746 km . Good to see a few old names I recognize Ralph Bennett , Janet Allen and a few others. Few of the spots around when we were kid was Pop store on corner of Third and Empire .Allen's grocery Store Empire ..The Youth centre . Great page will check back. We do get winter here something like the park use to get.

Have a Great one Richard

Thanks Richard for stopping by. I hope you are a regular from now on and we look forward to hearing more from you

Marty N.

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