Monday, March 27, 2006

Memories of South Shore Electric

Hi Marty,

For anyone who remembers walking into South Shore Electric and talking to Alfie or Gert Snyder they will remember the safe at the back of the store. The "Shin Plaster" in Bev's picture is typical of what was found behind the safe, in a bag, after Mrs S. died.

That store was certainly a historic site. If you were into home care equipment such as vacuums, TV's, tubes for radio's or TV's, anything old and interesting .... they had it.

As a boy of 16 I worked there doing anything and everything imaginable. Wire a basement, no problem. Cut a hole in your wall and install an air conditioner, sure. Punch a hole in your foundation for a new entry..... easy.

I bought my first suit around the corner, paid for it weekly, so that I could take Janet Allen to a dance. Ahhh the sacrifices we make for puppy love.

To this day I cannot believe the responsibility that they put on me back in 1960. Apparrently their trust was well founded... nobody shot me.

Bob H

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