Thursday, March 02, 2006

Millie McGowen Recalls 318 Devonshire & Good Times

Hey E,

I can't help you with the where abouts of the Wilshire's- but it was 318 Devonshire (Victoria )-- My Dad bought this house & they were moving to New Zealand--for health
reasons-- we lived in it nearly 40 yrs--that's how we became neighbors--I even had a putting green which the old man Wilshire made,had a great time
with that--my first into to golf-- . Had great summers
playing on our street long back yards ( no fences)--we played baseball--all kinds of stuff--hide & seak at night playing in the creek---- the only fence was behind Wernechuck's--the guy had a green apple tree--which I remember all of us jumping that fence at night & pooching apples --getting chased--
Those were the days--I have pics. of the house but they are at home--I'm in Fl--I have the original pic & updated one -- The house is no longer there--they built condo complex--we had such big lots --they have been able to build big apts. all along our street-- The only house left of our neighbors is Spriggs--they are still in the house--they were late comers though--but still there.
The next house that's still there further down the street is Messner's duplex--it's still there--almost on the corner of 3rd--from 3rd to churchill is mostly apt buildings.
Well Ten I can send you a pic of the old house when I get back in late Apr that's the best I can do--for now.
Cheers, Millie Mc

Thanks Millie, Great Story

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