Friday, March 03, 2006

Millie McG's story brought back great memories.

I remember those days with fond memories. Like she said we played games in our back yards without fences and if there was a fence it was leveled so we had full access all 4 yard from Henry's to Taylor's. Tag was not my favorite because Millie was faster than me. Hide and seek could be played for hours as we had so many places to hide.

Galeann T. seemed to be the one stuck the most looking for us. Most of us had great hiding spots. Another memory is we all had gravel or cinder driveways and racing back to the home base we took falls and scraped our knees on the driveway stones. I'll bet that we all have scars and little stones in our knees from those days.

Playing Softball was another enjoyed pass time and to my memory there were no broken widows.

Millie mentioned snagging apples and being chased but we never got caught because we knew every inch of our back yards. Behind all of our homes was a row of large trees and we had a trail among the trees that would take us all the way to the Cobb's back yard. You guessed it, more Apples.

Richard & Stevie would build giant sling shots and would have war games with the Spriggs. Other activities were gigging frogs in the foundation hole in the Werenchuk's yard, catching minnows in the creek beside Galeann's home

Camping in our back yards during the summer months was another enjoyed activity.

Winter fun included tobagoning, snow ball fights and fort building. I remember one New Years Eve, my parents had somewhere to go and Millie was also alone so being friends and not wanting to sit home alone. We were in our early teens Millie invited me over for New Years Eve.

We sat in the Kitchen and talked until midnight. No TV, no wild party, just sat and enjoyed our conversation & company. Little thing like that stay with you all your life. I doubt this would be the case today.
Those were great days in GPK

Marty N.

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