Friday, March 31, 2006

More E-mail for Bud & Bev Nathan

Hello Marston,

I must admit that I have been missing a great deal by not opening your blog on a regular basis. That will change, I assure you.

Note to Bud and Bev Nathan,

When I read your note from BC and your reference to your home on Third (James E. Davis) it did bring back some memories. I believe your Dad had a Motorcycle with a Sidecar? and Yes the Parrot did curse - it was the McConachie boys who taught him (her?) on their way to school. I think we all had a go at trying to get in a word or two.

I also remember the Holgates that lived on Third as well. Don Holgate had a Crow that he taught to talk (It's true) and it flew along with him to Royal George. It also used to steal the silver money that was left out on the milk bottles awaiting the Milkman's arrival. I also heard that it flew into the classroom at Royal George, sat on the clock on the back wall, and did what he had to do.

I am rambling, so will be back again soon.

Regards, Cliff Board (70)

Thanks Cliff for your kind words and I'm sure Bev & Bud will enjoy your message.
Don't worry about rambling. Ramble on here, we love it.

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