Monday, March 20, 2006

Murray Ave. Home of the Richardsons & Teagues

Hi Marty - the original house number was 60 Murray Ave - and that was changed to 308 Murray in the late 50's. the folks who owned the house prior to the Richardsons who moved in on April 29, 1953 were the Maclean Family - and I think that they were the original owners but am not sure.

Actually there were three houses built beside each other in the early 1900's, and they apparently started out as identical dwellings. The house closest to Churchill was owned by the Brodens - and it burned down some years ago & another has been built in its place and is still occupied by Brian Broden's (Shorty) widow and children.

The next house has remained in the same family since it was built - and Marion Campeau (nee James) lives there. The home my parents had was purchased by my nephew Patrick Graham and his wife after my mom died - so it too remains in my family.

I used to deliver the paper to the Teagues who lived farther down on Murray - and if I recall correctly, the house looked the same. Hope this helps both you and Beverley. I still very much enjoy the work you and Elton are doing in refreshing memories and tugging at our nostalgia strings. Best Gus

Thanks Gus

I hope this helps Bev since the home looked similar

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