Friday, March 31, 2006

Old Doc's Home

Hi Marty,
This picture was taken in my back yard,439 Empire Ave. many years ago.

If you look you will see a little house way back.This house belonged to Perra's.There was a lane off of third street that ran down to that house and there were a couple of barns back there also. I used to play in them sometimes.The man that lived in that house was called (old doc).He was kind of scary to me as a child, but I am sure he was a nice man. I believe he worked at a bank in St.Lambert as a cleaner. He used to walk back and forth to work everyday.You would often see him walking. Maybe someone else remembers this. Before he lived there another family lived there called the Bell's and they had two boys.They moved away and before they left the lady gave my Mom two fancy glasses she thought might break and I still have them today.
Ellen Mccourt Stone

Thanks Ellen for sharing this with us.

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