Friday, March 31, 2006

Overheard At The Lapiniere Hotel

Good Morning Guys:
You guys are faster tan a speeding bullet.
Thanks to Elton for posting the photos , I have e-mails from long lost but not forgotten friends from the Park.
Looking forward to seeing you in September.

Hello David,
Great to hear from you and the update. It has been a long time since the GPK reunion. I know you and Harold put a lot of work into it to make it happen. It was a great event. Sandy sent your pickup pic to Elton a few weeks back and he posted it on the blog. Elton is a real car nut and has had some real nice 60's classics. He buys them and sells them faster than I change my underwear.

I hope you enjoy our site and will submit items from time to time to share with other visitors.
Also let me know if you want your E-mail address added to our blog address list.

I hope we talk again soon.
P.S. Elton will post your message to us, so check the site tomorrow. Keep smiling and I hope we all have fun here.
Marty N.

Photo by Sandy Robinson

Good Afternoon Marston and Elton ;
I must admit that I have been enjoying you blog for some time and never seem to have had the time to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy reading it.
Marston, I have not seen you since the 1988 Royal George Reunion.
We just got back from our mid-winter holiday in the Dominican Republic and I was surprised to see an e-mail from a former Greenfield Parker who is now retired and lives in Nova Scotia informing me that there was a photo of "my pride and joy" on the site.
The photo was taken by Sandy (Snow) Robinson at the first Greenfield Park/RGHS Reunion Picnic held in Cambridge ,ON back in September, 2003.
I have owned the truck for almost 20 years and have enjoyed taking it to car shows and cruise nights all over Southwestern Ontario especially MOPARFEST every August in New Hamburg..
The truck is a bone stock 1977 D100 Dodge Shot Box StepSide pick-up except for tires and wheels.About five years ago it was looking pretty rough after the two boys drove it prior to getting their own wheels so I decided to redo it completely.The photo was taken just after the restoration was completed and it still shows pretty good.
It sleeps in a nice dry former dairy barn during the winter and I am anxious to get it out very soon.
(Sharron {Laurent} and I moved from the Park in 1981 and now live in a little town near London called Ingersoll.
We have two (2) married sons that live close by and no grand kids as yet.

Photo by Sandy Robinson

Thanks to Sandy for submitting the photo to BOYS TOYS, by the way the Corvette roadster was at the same reunion in Cambridge and belongs to Don Flesh.
Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in Port Elgin in September, 2006 at Reunion IV

We are posting part of this again because it is exactly what The North Brothers Site is all about; Stories, Pictues, and the reunion of old friends........... Thank you Sandy for sending in the pictures that started this story, and Thanks to all for subsequence text contributors. TEN

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