Friday, March 31, 2006

A Picture is worth a thousand words ????

Hi Marston,
I thought you would like to see the chain of mails that Alan Houle ,
Ralph Bennet and I exchanged before our meeting last night at Magnans in
Pointe-St-Charles.After Ralph told me he was coming to town and had not
seen Alan Houle in 18 years I thought it would be good to get together.

- - - -
Ralph wrote:
My wife is going down next week and as of now I will be there on Monday
the 27th.
- - - -
I then got a hold of Alan.

- - - -
Alan wrote on Monday this week:

Hi Ivan,

Are we still meeting Ralph on Wednesday? If we are, where and what

- - - - -
Ivan wrote on Monday:

Hey Alan
He is supposed to be in town now. He and his wife are somewhere in the
east end of town. Ralph gave me the phone# there xxxxx or his
cell phone # xxxxx He said to call him and see what we want to
do. Can you call him? I am really busy these days, 2nd quarter 31st

Set something up. Wednsday or Thursday is fine with me. If you can't
get a hold of him , let me know and I will get on it from here.

- - - - -
Alan wrote on Monday:

I've connected with Ralph and the plan is to meet at Magnan's around
6:30 Wednesday evening. I hope that works for you.

Look forward to seeing you then.


- - - - -
Ivan wrote:
Just around the corner from me in the Pointe. I will be there.

- - - - -
Alan wrote Wednsday morning:


You?ll love this. I got a call from Ralph last night(Tuesday) about
8:00 from - guess where. He forgot that I had said Wednesday and was
I had been involved in a car accident. Anyway, he had dinner and will
try again this evening. He might bring along his wife Millie. Hard to leave
her alone two nights in a row.

See you tonight?

- - - - -

Ivan replied:

That's what happens when you get older. I have a string around my
finger, so I won't forget (LOL)

-- - - - - - - - - - - -

Just to let you know that Ralph did show up last night (Wednsday) with
Millie (lovely lady). Alan made it and I parked my car at my appartment
and walked over to meet with them. We chewed the fat from 6.30pm until
about 10.30pm. Millie was tired so we all up and left and promised to
get together at the GFP golf tounament in May.

During the evening I asked if Ralph or Alan had brought their cameras
and they didn't . So looking at me they said that I usually have mine , and
I didn't . So we have no picture to send in.


Lucky Guys.
Prime Rib I'll bet.

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