Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Prairie Moments by Doug G.

I left the bike at home Saturday as there was too much snow. The park just down the road from us is a great place to explore so I went looking for the old great Cotton wood trees that are every where.
Some are over 125 years of age and others have just fallen down and are rotting old hulks. They serve as houses for one animal or another. The live ones are high rise apartments for owls,magpies, even porcupines ( caught a pictures of one up there)

The dead ones protect rabbits,skunks and fox and what ever else comes by Beaver are still active and play havoc with the smaller trees. Without their leaves, the trees look like great raving monsters having a bad hair day. As I said earlier, every area has it's own uniqueness
Catch you later
Doug g

Thanks Doug G.
I can't wait to see the spring pics

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