Sunday, March 19, 2006

Prairie Moments by Doug G.

The topic of " Weather" in Alberta, is something that is constantly on everyone's mind, we found out when we moved here. They tell us if we don't like the weather, stick around for 1/2 hour and it will change.

We had that experience last year in the spring when everything in the garden was looking so beautiful. Suddenly the sky got black; the wind picked up and down came hail. It lasted for almost the 30 minutes they suggested.

By that time, everything in the gardens had turned to salad, the streets were flooded and they had to bring in insurance adjusters from as far away as Ontario to handle all the roof damage claims. There were 5 tornado centers within 100 miles of us that day. By the next day, the water was all gone, people were replanting and you would never know what had happened.

I guess that's what makes the farmers such an optimistic lot. But then their farms are so big, it would take more than one storm to reach an entire crop. Contrast that with those pictures from China. .

Can you imagine the amount of man - power required to build those hill side terraced dykes for irrigating the rice crops? Yet they have devised a system despite the rugged terrain, to consistently feed millions. In the west we use a different approach to our vast, relatively flat topography by utilizing huge combines and harvesters and avoiding the hills. Wish we were that versatile when it comes to getting along together

Catch you later
Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

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