Friday, March 31, 2006

Prairie Moments by Doug G.

Morning Marston
Weather is the topic every one speaks about this time of the year. Seed and flower catologues are starting to appear in the mail signaling is really around the corner.
I'm running out of current pictures because I can't get out on the bike with muddy roads and late snow falls. So here are a few showing the back roads as they start to melt down and thaw out. Medicine Hat is known for its Largest T.P. in the world which sits just off the Transcanada as it goes through Town.

Right now the up river dams have released water to break up the remaining ice and it has discharged thousands of car size pieces which flow rapidly through. Cattle are sheltering along the banks in the sun and magpies having a feeding frenzie on the cat nibbles we put out for them. Last spring my sister Lorna Watkins ( Garrett) came to visit and cycle around the bluffs. Can't wait till the place looks that green again
Cheers for now
Doug g

Thanks Doug for sharing with us.

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