Saturday, March 25, 2006

Prairie Moments by Doug Garrett

As promised.
The Town of Elkwater ( Elevation above sea level same as Banff ) is mostly summer cottages, although its outrageous to say some of the beautiful huge dwellings are "cottages" The point though is most of the people come here only in the summer, which is a pity because there are so many things to see in the winter. Many do come to the other side of the hills on week ends for the great ski hills called "Hidden Valley"

But this side of the hills, it means the animals have full run of the town while everyone is gone. Deer were so tame they came right up to the car to see who we were. Wild Turkeys scrounged breakfast from the front lawns and while the snow is all gone from the Medicine Hat,, The spruce trees up here in the mountains still hang heavy with the late snow storms.

We saw prairie gophers running over the snow and a small herd of antelope but too far away to catch a decent picture. Plenty of Elk track too but they are busy foraging. It's not as if the traffic keeps them away, we saw 2 vehicles in as many hours.

The sign by the road says " No services or dwelling for the next 134 kilometers" in case its too small to read. That road leads south to Hauvre, Montana, through Wildhorse at the border (where customs are only open from 8.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M)., As for us locals, we pay attention to all signs, because ol' Ralph ( as our Premier is affectionaly known)"he d'ont waste no money on useless signs," as the saying goes. SO we time it right and we always leave with a full tank of gas.
Catch you later
Doug G

Thanks Doug G.

Great shots.

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