Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Prairie Moments

From 3 feet above the prairie on a back road,, the place can look like a gigantic never ending sand box. But, contrary to popular belief, the prairies are seldom flat. There are slow undulating hills sometimes of considerable height. From the top of these, the views are spectacular. It is in the river valleys however, that most of the special views are found. It was the rivers that the first settlers followed and this is often where evidence of them are located. An old gravel truck sits where its owner, long ago walked away from it and a path winds to a foundation, the only remains of a building whose purpose can only be guessed.
While up on the flat, houses and streets continue to spread over the sweet grass fields, but they can do little to change the sun rise over head, breaking moments before the streets lights give way to the day.
Catch you later
Doug Garrett

Thanks Doug G.

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