Monday, March 27, 2006

Sandy & Brian Own Terry Tomalty Prints...

Me again Elton,

Brian and I actually have some of Terry Tomalty's prints. They were sold by Avon, of all people and as soon as I saw his name I just had to buy them.

I can remember as a kid, and I mean a kid, before I moved to the Park, becoming friends with Penny Tomalty, when we went to the Park to visit my grandparents who lived on Springfield, next door to Murray & Roberta Penney. I would go to her house and Terry was never anywhere to be seen. I used to think she had made up the story that she had a brother. Learned later it was not made up. Funny the things one remembers.

Sandy R

Thank again Sandy, you're a bright spot for us... TEN

To Sandy Snow:the reason you never saw Terry Tomalty was that he was probably off hunting with his bow and arrow , which he did frequently. John McC.

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