Saturday, March 11, 2006

Scopeletti's Shoe Repair Shop & Pro Shop 1960's-2006

Here are two photos comparing yesteryear with today.

Older photo: probably taken in the 1960s at John Scopelleti’s Greenfield Park Shoe Repair and Shine. The business was located on the west side of the Perras Building on Churchill Blvd. In the photo are (left to right) John Scopelleti, the owner, Bruce Macdonald, Mr. Bill Lacireno and Cossie Macdonald. Mr. Scopelleti ran the pro shop at the south end of the old Lawrence Galletti Arena. Mr. Lacireno was a fixture in the Park, who could always be depended upon to umpire softball games. The Macdonald’s lived in the building on the corner of Empire and Churchill that became the first library. Cossie was always one of the best hockey players on the old outside rink. Some will remember the night Bruce Macdonald got hit in the face with a puck on that outside rink. He got a lump the size and shape of the puck.

Newer photo: Tony Lacireno, the son of Bill, with Rick Scopelleti, son of John in the Champs hockey pro shop at the new Cynthia Coull Arena. John was on holiday, and unavailable for the photo, but for those who remember him, he looks amazingly just the same as he did 40 years ago. Photo taken March 8. 2006 by J.Riley

Thanks John R.

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