Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Thanks to Jean McShane-Charles and John Riley

For submitting the pics of Christmas with Jean, Lynn, Irene and I et al together and for the picture of my parent's first house on Isabel Street.
Brings back a lot of fond memories. I don't have many pictures of Lynn, Irene and I together so that one's very special! I might be wrong but I think that picture was taken in our house - I recognize the end table, the couch and the home-made decorations on the tree. My mom still has that end table but the couch is long gone as are the decorations.
I'm happy to see that the house that Dad built is still standing and it looks really cute with the shutters and blue siding. I don't remember the porch on the side of it so I am guessing that it's been added on since we moved from that house in 1965.
Thanks again for the pics - keep em coming!
Joan (Highfield) Nykiforuk joanmarie54@shaw.ca

Joan, glad you enjoyed


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