Friday, March 10, 2006

Weathered Barns Of Canada

Loved the pictures of the barns. Wonder why they always seem to stand longer than farm houses?

Speaking of barns, these pictures inspired a bit of completely useless information that I just know you can use the next time the conversation at a party has stalled and you really don't want to get it going again, because its really late and you would prefer every one would just go home..This will really work..
, I have noticed some boards on some barns run up and down while others run sideways.You may have always wondered why this is so. . The answer is because of the rain.While it is easier to place and nail a course of boards sideways or horizontal, it is not practical to do so if you live in an area that gets lots of rain.The rain runs down the walls and goes through the seams or cracks if the boards run horizontally... In areas where there is lots of rain, they are placed vertically even though it is more difficult and requires more construction material, because the water runs down the boards when there are no cracks or seams from top to bottom..
The barns in the blog pictures with the vertical boards have moss on the roofs and lots of vegetation in the scenery indicating lost of moisture, while the ones with the boards running horizontally, both barns and vegetation look really dry, proving the point..

If any of the guests are still there lingering after you have finished, well,what can I say? You must have said it too fast..

Now I just knew every one was dying to know this and can't wait to interject it the next opportunity you get. That's all right, you can thank me later,

Thanks Doug, interesting information...

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