Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where Is Barry Hollingdrake

I had a chance to talk to Barry the other day and...

Barry is alive and well living on Lile Bizard, Quebec. The Hollingdrake family lived on Third Street just next to the empty lot on the corner of Springfield and Third (most of us cut across this lot on our way to school).

Barry was born May 11, 1947, grew up in Greenfield Park and played every sport possible. He also attended Royal George School.

Madeleine and Barry were married in 1970 and have two children, Tracy & Laurie

Barry's hobbies are woodworking and golf. Madeleine and Barry spend their summers at the cottage in Mansonville, Eastern Townships.

I can remember days when we would sneak into my brother's room to get at his gun collection, and Barry and I would talk like we knew something about them. The best time was the next day at school, the stories got just a little bigger. I enjoyed talking to my friend after all these years, and I wish him well. Elton

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