Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where is Myrna Shute...

Where is Myrna Shute McShane today? Well, I talked to Myrna the other day and she is alive and well, living in Calgary, Alberta.

Myrna lived on Miles St. in Greenfield Park. She was born May of 1949. Growing up in the Park was a blast as she recalls. Myrna attended Royal George School where she met the love of her life, David McShane.

David & Myrna were married June of 1970, and have two children Greg (33) and Darlene (31). The McShane family spend their free time at their summer cottage living the good life.

When we were school mates I got a call from Myrna’s Mom, and she blasted me for hitting her daughter. Anyway, after what seemed like forever to me it all got turned around and Myrna became her Moms target as well. Don’t ask me how, it just did. This also was my first indication of what ‘the power of conversation’ could accomplish. I truly enjoyed our talk Myrna, and I hope we get to see each other soon. Elton.

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