Monday, April 10, 2006

2006 Reunion Information & Request from Heather

Here is the current list of attendees for the reunion and a few items I need.

(1) Could you please E-mail me with whether and where you are booked in.

(2) Date of arrival.
This will help if anyone asks me where someone is staying and also, if one motel is getting filled up. I can also re-confirm with the motel to avoid any overbookings.

(3) Would you please let me know if you are planning to attend my Friday Night bar-b-que.

An early reply would be appreciated.

Not much new to report on the reunion except that things are going along smoothly, and the response I have been getting is very positive. If anyone wants to book any other events, eg. Golfing, boating, etc, I can try my best to accommodate, however, forming the groups like a foursome for golf, I will leave that up to the individuals. All we can hope for is good weather and no rain.

Alexander - Beverley Vye
Allen - Janet & Don Watson
Allen David &
Bennet - Ralph & Millie
Blaine - Heather & Al Gibb
Cliffiord - Diane
Cobb - Carolyn Dalgard
Cobb - Harry
Cobb - Kenny
Comber - Garry & Karen
Flesch - John
Freeman - Beth & Rod
Hawkins - Bob & Pat
Heath - Betty
Houle - Denise Evola
Hubbard - Heather & Larry Cooper
Hubbard - Jason (Butch)
Hubbard - Shirley Roccas
Jeary - Bev (Garrett & Lorna (Watkins)
Knight - Fred & Brenda (Fielding)
McConachie - John & Diane (Gregory)
McShane - Jean &
Menary - Doug
Milne - Elgin
North - Elton
North - Marston
Rhodes - Ivan & Odette
Ridewood - Donnie & Mirella
Riley - John &
Robinson - Brian & Sandy (Snow)
Ruth - Carl & Shirley
Rye - David & Sharon
Schwartz Galeanne (Taylor)
Swinwood - Win & Ann
Walsh - David & Sheryl (Reynard)
Williams - Barb (Hamilton)

Take care,
Heather (Hubbard) Cooper


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