Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Jenkin's sibling

There is another Jenkin's sibling, Lee, she is 53 and living in Calgary. We were great friends as children, I met her because my brother Art who was 14 at the time had to bring me up to her house when he went to visit Peter ( to this day I don't know why), we were 4 at the time and still remain friends!

The pictures of Caughnawaga bring back memories of Chief Pokingfire, if memory serves me right, he was either on the Magic Tom Show or the Johnny Jellybean show once in awhile.

I wonder if CFCF carries tapes of those wonderful old shows. I was on the Magic Tom show with my Shirriff hockey token collection when I was about 8, too bad my mother donated them and my original Barbies to the St. Paul's rummage sale when I got older. I could probably buy a new car with what they would be worth today!

Thanks for maintaining the great blog.

Barb Carver ( Went)
Thanks Barb

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