Monday, April 17, 2006

The Barfoots (Cont'd) Added Missing Picture

The Attestation papers of William and his younger brother Harry when
they signed up to fight in WW1. If you look at the dates Harry seems to be
older than William. This is because when he first signed up he was underaged,
and was refused, so he tried again, told a lie, and claimed he was older
than his brother.

A photo of what I believe is the Barfoot home on Greenfield in the
1930s. This may be Bill's father's home or his grandfather's home, I'm not

Two photos of Bill navigating the floodwaters of the mighty Greenfield
Avenue river in the boat he built with Leonard Hamblin. In one photo
Bill and Len are in the boat together floating on Greenfield near the corner
of Devonshire Rd. The picture was probably taken from the Slaney's who
lived on Greenfield near Little Murray.

This house was recently destroyed by fire. I'll include a photo of it after the fire. Three more photos are to
come later, but they could all be put together. Maybe you could ask Noreen
Toner to scan you a photo of the Barfoots when she was a teenager. That could
go with everything else. Maybe it will encourage other families to write
little histories of their families.

Thanks John R.

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