Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beverly Vye, Recalls Days Past


I do remember the second store as my husband would buy his beer there, it was owned by a nice French family, their sons worked there. The one thing I do remember was how their son's where so polite, looked so clean and were so helpful. I think the store was called Allen's.

The picture number 612 that has that ugly monstrosity on the Weldrick lot was a 250 deep lot. The white house beside it with the green door was my home. When we bought it the land was 200 deep as was our neighbors Noreen Toner/Barfoot lot, from the 250 feet 50 feet of both our lots was given or sold to the United church years before we bought it.

I do remember the Rattray family as I went to school with Kendall, my friend that was married to Sid Rollins was just telling me last week that Kendall was still living in BC. I do remember when they lived in that big house on Regent. They were a real nice quite, I remember visiting years later Mrs. Peggy Rattray with my mom when Peggy was living over the Murray Meat Market. from what I was told Mrs P. Rattray was interested in political subjects. Mrs. Brown later had told me that Peggy was later living in Ottawa and went every week would set in on the affairs of the government. It was I think like a hobby for her.


Thank you Bev. I am sure this will help some of our readers. TEN

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