Saturday, April 08, 2006

"The Busy Bees"

I just love a parade, do you???
Living on Empire street we had a front seat to all the parades.
Watching the parades I would always get so emotional, even now I still do. When my daughter Darla would march by with the Greenfield Park cheer leaders I would just fall apart. Ha-ha
Now in my Golden Years!!! it's my turn. RIGHT!!! My first parade was in Greenfield Park for the Busy Bees, than Arizona, Campbellford for (Good Bears of the World) and St.Marys, Ga. for the Mardi Gras and the Red Hat Society with my Red Hat Teddies chapter. What fun to give out candy and beads, in Campbellford our good Bears ladies g
This picture as taken in front of St. Paul's church after the parade. My sister Shirley and I had fun volunteering once a week at the Greenfield Park Town Hall. We would teach a craft to the ladies who were not out working or was a senior. It was a nice day for everyone to meet and socialize.
The Greenfield Park ladies club was called, "The Busy Bees." When I was speaking to my sister today she said she thinks they still meet. We both can't remember the name of the lady between Shirley and me. I had found the yellow polka dot sweaters and made them the bee hats...I did not wear one as my husband Tom would not stop laughing at me.
What a fun day.
Life is good.

Thank Bev. Yes Life is good, TEN

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