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Can Anyone name these businesses from the past? (Answers by John R.)



Here are 3 locations of former businesses in the Park. Let's see who get them..

Good afternoon, Taking a crack at the old businesses. 486. I remember playing some mini-putt on that corner many many years ago (mid seventies - and I don't think it lasted that long).
489 is easy Perrette's. I remember this one clearly as my cousin Glen Stone and I used to stock up on Hockey cards there. In fact one card that I bought there back in 1980 I recently sold for over $800.00 guess the player?
Bruce K. Hollingdrake
Zeeba Books

Re business photos,

486 was the Volkswagen Dealership at the corner of Lawrence and Taschereau. It was owned by two Brothers (German) whom I cannot remember their names - Eddie and Joe comes to mind? In the background is the Marche Sud - a shopping mall which was built behind The Terraces and which unexplainably blew up one night?

489 is located at the corner of Victoria and Morley(?). The middle store was once a Pizza Parlour - A-1 Pizza(?)

490 is also located on Victoria and in the vicinity of the Street south of Morley?

All the ??? marks show my age.

Regards, Cliff Board

Here are the answers,
Thanks to John R.

486 This Starbuck’s Restaurant is located on Taschereau at Regent. Sherbies Restaurant was on that spot in the late 1960s.

489 The A-1 Pizzeria was in this strip mall at the corner of Victoria and Morley.
Teddy Cristiano used to run the restaurant there.

490 Jim McGowan’s Garage at the corner of Victoria and Burton. Jack Hynes was one of the mechanics there.

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