Sunday, April 09, 2006

Can Anyone name these old businesses locations (Answers by John R.)


I believe #521 was Murray’s Meat Market on the corner of Murray and Churchill owned by the Marchands
Barb H.

Hi Marston
The two old stores in question are: 521- The Murray Meat Market. and 525 is the original Smiths General Store. They rolled it down Devonshire Rd from the lot on the corner of Churchill and Devonshire.
You must remember watching this amazing feat when we were young lads. Albert Smith and his wife Lillian actually lived out the rest of their lives at that location.
George V

521 The location of Balinger’s Store, Murray Market, Nesterenko’s Metro Store and most recently an interior decorating store. It is found on the corner of Murray and Churchill.

525 This is where Albert Smith’s General Store was moved. It is now attached to
another apartment building between James E. Davis and Regent.

Thanks Barb & George, good guesses.
Also John R.

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