Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear Friends & Family

I haven't said anything to anybody about this until now because I wanted to wait until things were final.
We just purchased a one bedroom condo near Sanibel Island in South Florida as an investment property.

We closed last week, and thought that we would let you all know in case anyone is interested in accommodations for an upcoming getaway to the island. It's available for weekends and on a weekly basis. We will be handling bookings until we can find an agent .

For friends and family only, we're asking $100 for weekends (up to three nights), $250 per week. In any case, it's a one bedroom, high-rise unit that overlooks the ocean, nestled among lush green trees, and has a
lovely ocean view from every window!
See photo below.Let us know if you're interested.

Got me good too!!! -
Laughter is good for the "Soul"

Thanks David R.

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