Friday, April 14, 2006

Familiar Businesses for GPKer's

Here are two photos that are sure to elicit stories from people who
check out the blog.

The first one is of the signs in front of Le Bocage a popular watering
hole for Parks in the 1950s and 60s. It stood in front of the Zellers and
other stores in the Carnival Mall. It was located west of the traffic lights
where you can exit from the Carnival Mall.

Notice it had two signs, one indicating that Boom Boom Geoffrion was part owner of the establishment. Notice the Chambly Counties Bus to the right of the sign on the left. In the distance under the trees you can see the roof of the Canada Motel that is still there.

The second photo is Mr. Edgar Gagnon standing in front of his store.
You can see that it was called the Devonshire Restaurant before he switched to
selling groceries. It was a very popular hang out for teens in the
1950s because of the music he played.

John R.

Thanks John R.

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