Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good morning........y'all,

Barb, I also do remember old Dr.

I also remember being scared when my friends would say keep away from old Dr. or don't walk down that road by his house. Now when I think I really did not know why we were all so scared of him. Who out there knows why??? Now when I think about him, maybe he I guess was a very lonely man just living by himself and minding his own business........ or was he just a dear old man that was mentally handicapped doing the best he could.

Another home on the Blog, each time I see some of the homes I think about the many families back then that were just nice families having time to do their own thing.

When I seen Mr. Normandeau old home I remember how my grandfather would talk gardening with Mr. Normandeau I remember he was a nice quite polite man, also one day my grandmother took me over to their home to let me see all their canaries and the new baby canaries that had just hatch. I remember thinking, Boy!!!!!! how lucky they were to have so many birds.

My grandmother also my mom since I can remembered had a canary or two. I think years ago many homes had canaries, did your family have one???
I remember many were named no.2 and so on.

I just love seeing the old Park homes.

Thank you.


Thanks Bev. I know why Doc's lane was so scary if he got a hold of you he would make you cook dinner for his family... (just joking) TEN

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