Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hello from British Columbia!

I just had to answer David Walsh's "challenge" about Plante Terrace. We (Jaunich family) lived at 179. The Chestermans lived next door and the MacIntyres lived next to them. If Gord MacKenzie had a brother Andy, then I recall them living on the other side of the Terrace next door to the Bruces (Leslie). Other names that some people might remember are the de Boers, Noakes, Woffendens, LaFrances and Schuberts. The Caverley, Blizzard, Shewan and Forest families technically lived on Campbell, but they were part of the Plante Terrace "crowd". At the moment their last name escapes me, but Duffy and Jory lived beside the Schuberts

Evelyn Schubert and I have been friends for over 40 years now (are we really that old?!). I just talked to her yesterday as a matter of fact. I think John Chesterman lives in Ontario, Dave Blizzard was living in B. C. for a number of years, and I believe Maureen de Boer is in the Maritimes. I'd be curious if anyone knows anything about the rest of the families.

This is such a strange coincidence. I couldn't believe when I saw Wendy (Hill) Evans' note as her name came up in my conversation with Evelyn yesterday! Apparently Wendy and an old classmate of mine and Evelyn's just happened to run into each other no too long ago. I remember Wendy and Paul (and Bev, too!) and am thrilled to hear that these high school sweethearts are still together!

That's it for now! Cheers to all!

Ingrid (Jaunich) Ashcroft
(Centennial Regional First Grad Class, '73)

Thanks Ingrid

Let's hope we will get more names from the Terrace

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