Monday, April 24, 2006

Home pic clarification

Hi again!

Just to clear up the confusion (if anyone is interested), the door at the far right was where we lived (Jaunich), the Smiths (Dalton, Darryl and Delson) lived at the far left, deBoers next to them. The Chestermans and MacIntyres lived to the right of us. The two different families I recall living next to us at 181 were the Frasers (daughters were Rosalind and Sharon), then the Roberts.

A friend came up with the names of a couple of other Plante Terrace families--Vaillancourt and Nebelsch├╝tz.

Below are photos from 1962. The first two show the back lane of Plante T. long before those awful buildings and ugly fence were built on Miller, which took away a couple of our favourite kiddie activities (catching tadpoles and skating amongst the twigs). The third photo is with Debbie Mountain (on the left). I think her family lived towards the end of our side of the Terrace. The other girl in the last picture is Maureen deBoer.

Thanks Ingrid A.

Thanks so much for the memories and pics. I'm sure they will be appreciated

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