Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Home pics from around the Park


540 Coote’s house on Campbell St. between Emborne and Sexton.
Stanley Isaac Coote was one of the town’s longest serving
Mayors in the 1930s. He worked at improving the town’s
roads by having broken bricks brought in to fill in the wettest
spots. At his garage on St. Denis St. in St. Lambert he also
rebuilt an old truck into a fire engine, the town’s first. He was
also instrumental in converting the town’s roads department
from using horses to using trucks.

603 Cobb’s, now Mitchell’s house on Queen St. This was the
home of Carolyn and Kenny Cobb after they moved away
from Devonshire Rd. Steve Mitchell now lives in the house.
His son Torry Mitchell is a star at the U. of Vermont and is a
surefire future NHLer.

616 Newbury’s house on St. Charles Road. This was the home of
Fred and Elizabeth Newbury. Their father was the long
serving fire chief of Greenfield Park.

627 Brown’s house on Springfield Ave. opposite Royal George.
Vera White Brown’s photo can be found on page 9 of the

Thanks John R.

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