Thursday, April 06, 2006

Home pics from around the Park


585 Shaune Lawton’s house on Vercheres St. north of Churchill.
Shaune was a hard hitting football player for the Mustangs
from 1964-66. Shaune now lives in London, Ontario.

635 Winston Swinwood’s house on Fairfield Ave. near the corner
of Maple St. The town sheds were located immediately to
the right of the Swinwood home.

638 Jenkin’s house on Vercheres St. Home of Mike, Peter and
Joanne Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins was a piano teacher during the
1950s and 60s. Mr. Jenkins was extremely active in the
community while his children were growing up.

457 Jim Bird’s house and the Laduke’s house on Springfield Ave.
Jim’s grandfather had extensive land ownings on the South
Shore at the turn of the twentieth century.

Thanks John R.

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