Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Home pics from around the Park


592 The Billing home on Barden St. This was the home of Ralph, Wyatt. Dave and Robbie Billing after the family the family moved from Sexton St.

501 Conrad's house on Empire opposite St. Paul's Church. Shirley Conrad, one of the stars of the musical shows held in St. Paul's Church during WW2, now reside in Ontario.

637 This house on Vercheres was the home of the Dunlop's on the left and the McAvaney's on the right. This was the home of Dawn, Doreen, Nancy,Bobby and Bonnie Jean Dunlop; and Jewel and Star McAvaney. Jewel was named Miss Teenage Canada in the late 60's.

632 The Rye home on Fairfield has been recently extensively renovated.

643 The location of Biel's Barber Shop on Springfield between the United Church and Oak St. on the eastern side of Springfield.

Thanks John R.

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