Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Home pics from around the Park

656 Diane Stack's house on the west side of Campbell between Homer and Sexton.

648 The Wade home on Springfield Ave. Chauncie (spelling??) Wade and his dad were big on soccer in the Park in the 1950s. The new house on the left side of the photo is the home of Karen Hynes and her husband Jean Seguin.
Karen is Jack Hynes daughter. In the distance on the right side of the photo the United Church is visible.

683 A view of Campbell Ave and part of Plante Terrace. The home at the end of the building on the left was the home of Lennie Crossman, a halfback for the 1963 Rams.
Lennie was from Massachusetts and is believed to be living in Ohio now. The house at the end of the building on the right was the home of Dalton Smith, a well liked player on the Mustangs in the mid 1960s. Dalton now lives on Vancouver Island.

Thanks John R.

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