Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home pics

Hi Marty,

This is a picture of our house which we moved into in 1973.
I will send a picture of the house we lived in in the park.

Ellen Stone

We lived at 254 Beck Terrace before moving to Ottawa.One picture is Sam and I and our cat fluffy.The other picture is Cindy,Patrick and Kevin .Our children.

Patrick had a big operation on his hand after falling on a coke bottle in the basement and cutting tendents.It happened when he was two and he had a couple of operations because the tendents were so small and hard to work with.

The kids had many a great baseball game on Beck Terrace in the mornings and then would go swimming all afternoon in the summer time.
It was a great place to bring up children.They had so many friends.
Ellen McCourt Stone

Thanks for sharing with us, Marty N.

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